Lawmakers Should Not Be Neutral On Marijuana Legalization – Gavin Newsom

If you watched any of the Democratic National Convention, you may have heard a little talk on cannabis. Specifically, the lieutenant governor, Gavin Newson who praised other state officials to take a stand on the [...]

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3 Signs That Marijuana Business is Booming

It's no longer just a community of stoners interesting in the cannabis business, and using cannabis. the marijuana business is going mainstream, and fast. The rest of our economy may be seeing some sluggish growth, [...]

Legalization Requires Compliance

Whatever you think of marijuana, it is here to stay and coming to full legalization in a state near you (or your state). Controversy follows cannabis into every branch of our society: political, cultural, science, health, [...]

7 Secrets To Running A Successful Dispensary

The Marijuana Industry Workforce Is Massive

The marijuana industry in the United States has rapidly become a job generator - with marijuana and marijuana-related companies now employing an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 workers. The information in these graphs was taken from the [...]

Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Flocking To The Marijuana Industry

Female Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry If you haven't already, listen to these podcasts about women in the cannabis industry. They share why they got into the business, how they got into the [...]