It’s no longer just a community of stoners interesting in the cannabis business, and using cannabis. the marijuana business is going mainstream, and fast. The rest of our economy may be seeing some sluggish growth, but the budding pot business is booming.


1. Marijuana Outsold Booze in Aspen

Although Colorado is also known for its craft brews, apparently this new fun substance, called marijuana is preferred in this colorful state. The Aspen Times reported that in the months of March and April last year, marijuana sales exceeded alcohol sales.

The city of Aspen only has 7 dispensaries, but together they sold $8.3 million worth of marijuana in 2015, collecting a fity $200,000 in taxes and fees.


2. Celebrities in the Industry

Of course we know that public figures, such as Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are notorious for smoking pot and engaging in the marijuana industry. But now the cannabis industry is attracting celebrities that have made a name for themselves, not as famous stoners, but for being accomplished talents.

This includes Whoopi Goldberg, which brings me to the third point.


3. Industry Diversity – Even Women Entrepreneurs

Like we said, it’s no longer just the stoners that you’ll find in the marijuana business. You are now finding some people you never would have thought likely to be dispensary owners – women.