The marijuana industry in the United States has rapidly become a job generator – with marijuana and marijuana-related companies now employing an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 workers.

The information in these graphs was taken from the 2016 Marijuana Business Factbook, and includes both full and part-time positions. Some of these positions include: retail employment, wholesale grows, testing labs and ancillary firms that service and/or focus on the cannabis industry.

how many employees work in the marijuana industry

plant touching and ancillary services


This is a pretty impressive feat for an industry that has only been operating legitimately since 2009. But as the industry grows, this means that there is more and more competition – especially between the plant-touching businesses, such as dispensaries.

cannabis employment stats by segment

Although this market and its workforce is already massive, it is important to note that this industry is still in its infancy, and is still entirely nonexistent in half of our nation’s states. In 2016 alone, ballot measures in half-a-dozen states are in place to legalize either medical or recreational marijuana this fall, with several more states still fighting to get on this year’s ballot. One of these states, California, is a particularly big prize as it is the most populous state in the country and wants to legalize recreational marijuana.

This is why although it seems like there are many workers available in the marijuana industry, marijuana business owners are constantly finding it hard to keep up with employment. It is still hard to find enough workers. If you’re one of these marijuana business owners, we suggest you check out this Career Fair tomorrow – it’s strictly for the cannabis industry.