Although, Ohio’s measure is more restrictive than many other medical marijuana bills – patients cannot actually smoke marijuana, then must instead ingest it via edibles or use a vaporizer. Patients cannot grow their own, and there are only a handful of conditions that will qualify for a marijuana recommendation.

To address this, medical marijuana advocates had previously launched a campaign to put a broader medical marijuana bill in front of voters this fall. Some say though that the bill Kasich signed was intended to stave off more permissive ballot measures. And it worked: these advocates recently suspended this campaign, calling the bill “imperfect,” but also saying the bill’s passage represented “a joyous day for the thousands of Ohioans who will finally be able to safely access much-needed medicine.”

But regardless, it is still a big statement. Half of the states in the US now allow medical marijuana; and that’s a pretty big statement.

Perhaps these changes will put some pressure on the federal government to update their decades-old cannabis policy; a policy that most experts agree is out of step with current scientific understanding of the drug and its risks and benefits. The full article on marijuana news.